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    Over 80% of our clients do NOT go to court.

    Our expertise is in dealing with relationship breakdown (heterosexual and same sex) in a caring compassionate manner that re establishes productive communication in order to reach a speedy resolution at minimal cost.

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    + to regularly see your children.
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    + to put your children first.

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    "Victoria is very caring and considerate,whilst being professional and extremely knowledgable during a very traumatic time, she goes beyond her duty to help you in any way she can."
    Mark Willoughby - Client.

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    + a co-habitation agreement that is unique to you and your partner.
    + to separate or disolve your civil partnership.
    + a financial settlement that you can afford.

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     "Without hesitation, I would recommend Victoria to anyone seeking representation in a family law matter." Natalia Escoriza - Barrister

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The Child Comes First

Written by Victoria. Posted in Success Stories

In this case, a contact dispute with the ex-partner and father of a 9 year old, the child was unwilling to go for contact with the father. This was because of the fathers behaviour during previous contact.

The father had instructed a solicitor to act on his behalf. The prospect of court proceedings and continual contact with the father was distressing for both mother and child.

I was able to resolve the matter for them by understanding the child's point of view and by writing an appropriately worded letter on the mothers behalf explaining why the the child did not want to go.

Two weeks later the issue was resolved and no court proceeding were necessary.

What are cohabitation agreements?

Written by Victoria. Posted in Cohabitation

A Cohabitation Agreement is intended to make sure that when two people decide to live together, that the issues of property are discussed and agreed upon before entering into the cohabitation. The decisions about what is to happen to the property if the relationship breaks down are much easier to resolve if they have been thought about and agreed beforehand.

What's wrong with an Internet Divorce?

Written by Victoria. Posted in Divorce

Money is tight, the marriage is over, everything is amicable and you have both agreed that you should get a divorce. Why not go for a cheap internet divorce?
After all, you just need to end the marriage and get on with your lives; why bother with solicitors and legal expense? The more you save on legal cost, the more there is for each of you and for the children. Winners all round. Right?

Life after Divorce

Written by Victoria. Posted in Divorce

Following on the news in May 2013 that second marriages tend to last longer than first marriages - see Good news for second marriages -  is the news that women tend to cope better with divorce than men.

While the emotional impact of the breakdown is profound for both, it seems that women tend to be able to adapt better  to major changes in circumstances - divorce, bereavement and unemployment

See the article: -

Women cope with divorce better than men


Divorce costs: how to keep them down

Written by Victoria. Posted in Financial Settlements

When money is tight, and even when it isn't, it is really important to take every step you can to keep costs as low as possible; every family law solicitor worth their salt will do the best they can to help you to do this. The biggest cause for complaint by clients is the level of legal costs that they incur, but many clients don't help to keep the costs as low as possible. Here are some simple ways of ensuring that as much money as possible remains in the matrimonial pot to divide between you.