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    Over 80% of our clients do NOT go to court.

    Our expertise is in dealing with relationship breakdown (heterosexual and same sex) in a caring compassionate manner that re establishes productive communication in order to reach a speedy resolution at minimal cost.

    When you need sensible, cost effective, friendly, caring, responsive legal advice & solicitor representation call Victoria Harrington on Bradford (01274) 449910.

    "I have been to a couple of solicitors recently & I have to say that Victoria was the best by far." Dan Cash - Client

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    + to regularly see your children.
    + to keep out of court.
    + to put your children first.

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    "Victoria is very caring and considerate,whilst being professional and extremely knowledgable during a very traumatic time, she goes beyond her duty to help you in any way she can."
    Mark Willoughby - Client.

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    + a financial settlement that you can afford.
    + to feel you have professional advice from someone who cares.  
    + to know the best thing to do next.

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    "Victoria is a highly professional... compassionate individual - whom I have no hesitation in recommending due to her diligence, integrity & value for money." Robin Maynard - Client

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    + a co-habitation agreement that is unique to you and your partner.
    + to separate or disolve your civil partnership.
    + a financial settlement that you can afford.

    Please Call Victoria on Bradford (01274) 449910

     "Without hesitation, I would recommend Victoria to anyone seeking representation in a family law matter." Natalia Escoriza - Barrister

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Deaf Calderdale Mother Without Speech Gets Voice Heard

Written by Carol-Anne. Posted in Success Stories

A victory for access to representation for all.

A Calderdale mother who was deaf and without speech was involved in complex proceedings relating to her child. Her inability to communicate her views in a way that could be understood caused her a great deal of stress and frustration.

By working alongside not only a British sign language interpreter but also a support worker and a deaf intermediary we were able to ensure that she was able to gain understanding of all the issues of the complex case and importantly that she had her voice & views heard and understood.

Despite being a stressful time for her, there was an undoubted and visible increase in her confidence. Finally she was able to feel that she was not being overlooked. She could take part in discussions, which increased her understanding of many important issues. Most of us would take these for granted.

Child Abducted By Violent Partner Returned To Young Halifax Mum

Written by Carol-Anne. Posted in Success Stories

Return Of Child/Domestic Violence

A poor young Halifax mum was reduced to an emotional wreck after being beaten by her partner. Her very young child had been taken out of the country.

We were able to act swiftly with a same day court action.

The result was the return of the child within 24 hours and protection in place to prevent the violent partner's return. The client was able to close this chapter of her life and move on, a result, which could have been very different without the right advice.

Avoiding an ex-business (partner was ex-wife)

Written by Victoria. Posted in Success Stories

Divorce and Ancillary Relief: I represented client who was in business with his ex wife. Parties on very poor terms. Divorce and an agreed order resolved by agreement between the parties within 11 months, with a final order and without contested court proceedings

Self Representation Rescue

Written by Victoria. Posted in Success Stories

Divorce and Ancillary Relief: client had represented herself, and had issued proceedings but needed help as the matter became more complex and was going to court. I took over the case and obtained a favourable order in the terms she wanted after 7 months.

Decree Absolute in 5 months

Written by Victoria. Posted in Success Stories

Divorce and Ancillary Relief: client is the wife, she instructed me to resolve the divorce and financial settlement. The case was resolved by agreement with the husband acting for himself, within five months of first instruction. Parties were divorced and sorted out their finances and children issues by agreement with a final order for the financial settlement being made by the court.